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My favorite dentist in the world. I fly from the US for my check ups

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José Edo

 Extraordinaire, incroyable ! Tels sont les qualificatifs que j’utiliserai pour décrire la chance que j’ai eu de trouver en quelques clics le cabinet du Dr Enatsu à Tokyo, alors que j’étais en proie à des problèmes dentaires. Non seulement il m’a reçu au pied levé avec son équipe alors que le cabinet était fermé, mais son intervention s’est avérée parfaite. Je n’ai jamais vu un cabinet aussi bien doté des outils et moyens les plus modernes, et d’un personnel agréable et dévoué, qui plus est parlant un excellent anglais. Une expérience à vous réconcilier avec les dentistes, pour ceux qui comme moi ont toujours eu une certaine appréhension à leur rendre visite ! Je ne peux donc que recommander vivement le cabinet du Dr Hirokazu Enatsu, qui est de loin le meilleur praticien qu’il m’a été donné de rencontrer..

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 I unhesitatingly recommend Dr Enatsu and his excellent staff. Other  dentists had wanted to extract a problem tooth, but Dr Enatsu recommended trying to save it, which he then managed to do. The cosmetic crown work he has done for me cannot be distinguished from real teeth. As an ex-clinician myself in a healthcare field (not dentistry), I can attest to his general enthusiasm for his field. His record in participation in ongoing postgraduate dental education is admirable. Recently I learned an interesting personal detail about him. Before studying dentistry at UCLA, he had studied electrical engineering at the same university and graduated summa cum laude. Most of his patients are expats, and would perhaps appreciate better than others the raw intelligence and determination required of a person to leave their home country and excel in not one but two fields at the highest level. As a Tokyoite I feel fortunate to have access to such a professional and knowledgeable dentist.

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 PERFECT ROOT CANAL TREATMENT I very very highly recommend United Dental and Dr. Enatsu. After visiting several japanese Dentists, without locating the problem and increasing pain, he finally could locate the problem tooth and nicely removed the root without any pain. Thanks to his dedication and his incredible knowledge he could nicely explain and perform the whole procedure in a way that I really felt very comfortable. He and his staff are highly skillful and by far not comparable to any other dentist I experienced within the last 7 years in Japan. They speak perfect English, which as a foreigner was as well very helpful.

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 I am glad I found United Dental Office. Dr. Enatsu is one of the best dentists I have met – very capable, speaks perfect English, and always patient in explaining things to you. He is the first dentist to alert me that my daughter may develop bite problems due to family history. Their office is very clean, well-equipped and up-to-date. All the staff members are friendly and professional, especially their office manager Sugure-san. I wish we could stay in Tokyo longer to continue going to United Dental Office. And I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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 Don’t fear the Dentist! Dr. Enatsu and all the staff are very friendly, speak excellent English and have the best tools and technology I have seen. I put off having a root canal re-treated as I was worried about how painful it would be, but Dr. Enatsu did a brilliant job, I was as comfortable as anyone could be for a 2+hr process with my mouth wide open. I have absolute confidence in their ability. For me the only downside is that my insurance didn’t cover the whole bill. (I agree with Julian below…no one “loves the dentist”… but this is the best dentist I have ever been to)

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 I had my regular cleaning last week and there was a small cavity which Dr. Enatsu painlessly filled. I confidently trust my teeth to the friendly, efficient staff of this dental clinic who use state-of-the-art methods. Thank you UDO Tokyo. (I can’t give five “Loved it” stars. No one “loves” the dentist. 3 stars is my maximum for a trip to the dentist. And I give Dr Enatsu 4 out of 3 stars–that’s how much I appreciate him!)

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 I highly recommend United Dental. Dr. Enatsu and his staff are wonderful. They speak perfect English, which as an expat was so very helpful. And they can also process your insurance claim, which was very helpful. Loved it there!

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I can recommend Dr Enatsu as the best dentist I have been to see. From crowns to cleaning over the past few years I cannot fault the service and the dental work. So good to feel confident of the work you’re getting done.

My favorite dentist in the world. I fly from the US for my check ups

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