Our US licensed Children Pedodontist

Dr Miwako Hayashi DMD

  • Graduate of New York University,
  • Licensed in US and Japan
  • Speaks fluent English and Japanese

Children Dentistry Available

We now can provide ‘Magic’ instead of Injection, and ‘Water Spray’ instead of drills.  Our special ointment which we paint on and our electronically controlled syringes made the injection painless. With adequate pain control, you will be surprised how the children will let us do whatever is necessary. Please bring in your children before they have pain or hole. A good habit formed early is the best way to prevent cavities.

Children Minor Orthodontics with Removable Appliances

We provide interceptive orthodontics to correct anterior cross bite or devices to correct thumb sucking.  More extensive case will be referred out to the orthodontist who will not align the teeth, but also make sure the bite is correct, to avoid teeth moving after the retainer is off, or cause any joint problem.

  • Case 1: Correct Cross Bite


When frenum is attached high or between two upper front teeth, early removal can improve space closure of the front teeth. (surgical procedure)


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