CAMBRA (Caries Risk Assessment to manage decay)

CAMBRA (CAries Managament By Risk Assessment) system-

A New Scientific Approach to Caries Management

At United Dental Office, we now provide a new system to reduce your risk for future cavity and gum disease.  We screen our patients to determine the level of caries risk by asking questions CRA, using CariScreen bacterial test (swab test) and evaluating your dental history. This allows us to give you customized recommendations for each patient.
Upon determination of your risk level, you will be recommended to use some dental hygiene products to help reduce the risk.  You can continue the regimen for 3-6 months period and be re-evaluated at your next recall visit.
Carifree CTX products (the number after CTX represents the number of treatment agents)

 Toothpaste     CTx3 Gel 1100
 Toothpaste     CTx4 Gel 5000
 Mouthwash    CTx3 Rinse
 Oral Spray     CTx2 spray

In the CTX products, there are 5 unique treatment agents not found in OTC products to help reduce the risk for dental caries and gum disease. 
Nano HA - Aids in remineralization with nano particles of hydroxyapatite
pH Neutralization- Reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria, supports healthy oral bacteria growth
Antibacterial-  Significantly reduces total bacteria levels when high levels are identified. 
Fluoride-  Aids inn remineralization and inbibits acid production of cariogenic bacteria.
Xylitol-  Reduces growth and acid production of cariogenic bacteria

Possible but infrequent complications

Change in taste sensation
Tartar build up
Burning sensation
Drying of mouth tissue
Mouth and tongue irritation, numbness or soreness
Surface staining of teeth/restoration