Children Dentist

Our US licensed Children Pedodontist


Dr Miwako Hayashi DMD

  • Graduate of New York University,
  • Licensed in US and Japan
  • Speaks fluent English and Japanese
  • New York University College of Dentistry (DDS)
    Advanced program in Orthodontics at New York University

  • Showa University School of Dentistry (DDS)
    Pediatric Dentistry, Post Graduate School at Showa University (PhD)

  • Practiced in Manhattan,
    Millennium Dental Service


It is very important to start a healthy dental habit at an early age. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a first dental visit to be as soon as child's the baby's first tooth comes in, or no later than his or her first birthday.  At a baby's first several dental visits, patients commonly do not have an active tooth decay yet,  but we can answer questions about daily dental care and give advise on risky dietary habits. 

Developing a dental check up routine helps children understand the importance to keeping teeth healthy. It also helps children familiarize the dental environment. 

At United Dental Office, we want your child's dental visit to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Getting to know the dentist and staff helps the child build trust and feel at ease for future dental visits.

At our office , we take extra care in painless dentistry for not only adults but also in young patients. We use dental care techniques to calm young children. (e.g. ‘Magic’ instead of Injection, and ‘Water Spray’ instead of drills)  We use topical gel and electrically controlled injection syringes that deliver gentle numbing for all patients.  With adequate pain control, you will be surprised how the children will let us do whatever is necessary.

Our young patients can watch a movie or listen to music during the dental procedure to block the unpleasant noise. This can help the child minimize the fear.  

School age children can benefit from dental sealants.  Sealants are very effective for protecting newly erupted molars from cavity. Sealants are placed on pits and fissures of a molar to prevent food from getting caught.  It is easily applied at your child's dental check up visit. 

At about 8 years old, we look for malocclusions to see if our patients need braces. Limited orthodontic treatment focused on minor area can be done in our office. Referral to a orthodontist is done upon necessity. 


Children Minor Orthodontics with Removable Appliances

We provide interceptive orthodontics to correct anterior cross bite or devices to correct thumb sucking.  More extensive case will be referred out to the orthodontist who will not align the teeth, but also make sure the bite is correct, to avoid teeth moving after the retainer is off, or cause any joint problem.

  • Case 1: Correct Cross Bite




When frenum is attached high or between two upper front teeth, early removal can improve space closure of the front teeth. (surgical procedure)



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