Our digital Radiography (Sirona from Germany)

We have the latest Radiology Imaging System from Sirona (German), including the Cone Beam CT, Digital Intra-oral Sensors, and Advanced Software for diagnosing root canal problems and design for dental implants.  

Microscope (Zeiss, the best available German dental microscope)

Microscope is standard of care for root canal in the United States. This is also a valuable tool to diagnose tooth cracks and fractures. This helps us to see things MUCH better. Think if you cannot see what you are doing.


This is the latest Bleaching system which makes your teeth white in one hour. Usually a follow up home bleaching is recommend to maintain the whiteness or increase.

Digital Information System

Our computer network with Digital X-rays, Digital Oral Photos, and Advanced Software allow us to communicate with our patients, dental lab technicians, and our referral doctors.


Vitality pulp Scanner

Tests the response of the tooth pulp(nerve) to check if the nerve is healthy or not.  The stimulus is very gradual and enables us to test your teeth comfortably.


Injections (Electronically Assisted)

We understand Pain Control is the utmost importance for the patient. We tried to provide anesthesia as comfortable as we know how to. Besides the topical anesthesia which preceded the injection, we have Computer Assisted Injection which controls the speed of injection. Low speed of injection is known to decrease the pain tremendously.  In our office, even child can receive anesthesia without pain.

Micro Sandblaster

Micro Sandblaster cleans out of the tooth with a fine aluminum oxide (baking soda) powder.  This will increase bonding strength of the porcelain restorations on the tooth.  This is a standard procedure at Kois Center and United Dental Office Tokyo.


Our caries detector is not sharp looking. It passes light on the suspicious areas and gives us a reference to the extent of decay.

Newest Ni-Ti Files

Nickel-Titanium files Gold are the newest material to clean and shape root canal effectively and efficiently. Breakthrough use of flexible files to shape root canal even with curvature. Dr. Enatsu is the first dentist from Japan to take hands on courses from Dr Buchanan who introduced the Ni-Ti files.  Our office now uses the latest NiTi files made of the latest metallurgy advance.



Dygma system using ultrasonic technology to trace and record jaw movements, providing information to understand joint and bite. The information is transferred to Jaw Simulator to fabricate the restorations.


Checks the Joint Sounds, like the doctor hears the heart beat and the chest sounds.