Our Practice

Clinic Concept

Clinic Concept

United Dental Office Tokyo is the American style dental clinic/dentist for international community in Tokyo. We specialize in providing the services from root canal treatment (like an endodontist) for dental emergency to beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you improve you appearance and function. Our US trained and licensed dentist maintain our clinical level equal to the US dental clinic with many hours of training each year in the United States, and acqiuring new dental materials and techniques.

We strive to provide QUALITY WORK efficiently and comfortably, with judicious planning for a predictable result.

Our standard of care is accepted and recognized by the international dental insurances and our clinic is direct provider for the following health insurance companies. As a direct provider, we make the insurance claim directly for you and free you from making the claim. For other insurances, we provide computerized claim Form for your convenience.

Treatment Philosophy

  • Treatment Planning based on accurate Diagnosis
  • Almost Pain Free Anesthesia
  • Digital Equipment and Imaging
  • Efficient, Comfortable, High Quality dental work